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How would you like to study for your theory test for FREE ? Yes, really. There is no catch – we’re offering a full membership for FREENo other service offers anything like this! You don’t need to give credit card or PayPal details, it’s a genuine theory test and hazard perception training service for NOTHING. All we ask for in return is that you tell your friends about the service and, if you have a Facebook account, Like us by clicking the button – we want as many people as possible to get their theory test training for free.

What is our Free Premium Membership?

…it’s a fully featured membership for FREE. Yes, really. Here’s what you get for nothing…

1 Theory-test Training

Our free membership includes complete training to prepare you for the multiple choice part of the theory test including:

  • The full set of 1200+ theory test training questions
  • A sophisticated mock theory test simulator
  • Charts and graphs showing how you’re doing in each question category
  • A range of “themed” mock tests so that you can practice, for example, the sign questions

2 Hazard Perception Training

Our free membership also prepares you for the Hazard Perception part of the theory test including:

  • A sophisticated hazard perception test simulator
  • Specially shot interactive hazard perception training clips that closely reflect the clips you’ll see on the day
  • “Hazard Perception Explained”: the key to passing Hazard Perception

3 Elearning

  • 14 unique elearning modules covering all aspects of the Highway Code

4 7 Days

  • Our free membership has no expiry date!


In other words, our free membership includes everything you’d expect from an expensive membership scheme for NOTHING. Don’t waste your cash with anyone else!

Isn’t this just a trial membership like others offer?

Absolutely NOT! Our Free Membership is a complete service – unlike the crippled trial and free offers by our competitors.  Remember, you’re getting the complete question bank (not a limited selection), hazard perception clips and complete elearning.